Families Spending Time with Nature: Why and Where

family picnic

Research shows that even five minutes with nature can significantly reduce stress, improve moods, and boost overall well-being. That’s why when the pandemic happened and everyone had to lock themselves in their homes, there was a concern about the mental well-being of people. Many went into depression. Some suffered from anxiety attacks. Almost everyone felt a sense of loss that they could not spend more time outdoors than they normally did.

Where Should You Take the Family?

After a year in lockdown, an expedition with nature is very much-needed by the whole family. What do you enjoy the most? You can go fishing, go mountain hiking, or go on a safari adventure. The best thing about spending time outdoors is it’s a safe activity even amid the threat of COVID-19. Wide and open spaces are safe because there are fewer risks of transmission.

An Alaskan fishing trip is a great bonding time for the family. There are many species of fish that you can find in Alaska. Make sure to bring your Penn BTLIII1000 Battle III Spinning Fishing Reel so that you can get the best catch. It’s also a great way to introduce your family to appreciate nature more since Alaska is not short on nature-inspired trips. Aside from fishing, you can go on some extreme sports adventure and hiking in Alaska.

A trip to the Californian coast is in order, too, if you want to spend time with nature. The ocean will give your mental well-being a big boost. Even the kids will love to frolic along the coast. Get a picnic basket and bond with the whole family by the beach. Make sure to choose a secluded part of the beach so you can enjoy the moment in peace.

How about a wilderness adventure? You can fly to Australia or Africa for a safari adventure. There is something about spending your days looking at how peaceful giraffes live. You will have a sense of how grand the world is and how very little your problems are compared to its magnificence.

Unplugging from Social Media

It is hard to have some quality family time in this technological age. Everyone is on either their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Even parents are glued to their screens. Families can spend their whole days on their smartphones without even talking with each other. Relationships have become virtual. That’s why it is important to take a break and unplug from gadgets now more than ever.

Nature trips are such an amazing refresher. It is the remedy to gadget dependence. Take a trip to somewhere with limited reception. Specifically, choose a place where the internet will almost be non-existent. Explain to your kids that the purpose of this trip is for everyone to just be one with nature and with each other.

Reducing Stress


Even toddlers get stressed. Do you know that? Bored kids are stressed. They don’t understand their feelings yet, but they suffer from boredom, stress, and a general unpleasant feeling about everything. People who live in urban dwellings are more likely to suffer from stressors such as their finances, household chores, work matters, etc. Those who are in “green spaces” have better control of their emotions.

Helping Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs will do well to spend time with nature. It’s called “green time” or “green space therapy.” The belief is that when they spend time outside in the park or even in their own backyard, they increase their attention span and focus more on what they feel. That gives kids with special needs the ability to communicate better.

For children with attention-deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), spending time outdoors is great for their mental health. A study showed that no matter the severity of the kids’ ADHD, their moods improve when they are outdoors. This is an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Every family suffers from relationship setbacks. Some snap at each other during dinnertime. The past year has shown you how important it is to be mentally prepared for challenges in the family’s relationship. It has also given you a glimpse into the risks you take on your mental health.

The answer to these problems is spending time with nature. The benefits of being among trees, plants, flowers, sea, and mountain are astounding. A short drive to the nearby beach can benefit the family in ways that you can never imagine. So, put the bags in the car and take a road trip to somewhere you can surround yourself with greenery.

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