Establishing Proper Contact: Designing a Good Contact Page


Contact PageA website’s contact page can make or break sales conversions. In fact, a contact page establishes a solid line of communication between the company and the customer. Visitors will usually check the page if they want to get in touch with people who could give them more information about a product or a service. Thus, it’s important to let this page stand out similar to a home page. Designers should take note of these actions when creating an effective contact page.

Give it a Good Design

Many companies that offer web design services say that a visually appealing contact page can compel a visitor to fill out the contact form. So, when designing this page, keep it simple. It should reach out and connect with the reader without becoming too overwhelming.

Make it Easy to Find

Your visitor shouldn’t have to navigate the website to get to the contact page. Make the page easy to find instead: put convenient links at the top and bottom of the every web page to help your visitor along. Putting a contact page link on a sticky navigation bar is also helpful as visitors have every chance to make contact if necessary.

Add a Call-to-Action

It’s not enough to have a contact page that merely contains a form. Persuade your visitors to do other things using compelling copy. You can also add a call-to-action button to give your visitors a nudge to get in touch with you. These will help make the website more memorable to visitors.

Define a Clear Goal for the Page

Have a clear goal in mind when designing your contact page. The page should let visitors know if they’ll be using the page to request for information, purchase a product or service, or to just say hi. Make it clear why visitors should contact you.

A compelling contact page is possible when you perform these actions. A great contact page not only offers improved user experience but also increases traffic and leads.

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