Essential Things to Do After an Office Renovation


Office renovations are only done after careful considerations. There are many reasons behind such a decision. Most of them are positive and for the company’s growth. The process itself is another thing, though. Some problems may arise during the remodeling phase. One must be able to navigate through all the stress of renovating.

After all the dust and chaos have settled, a new space more conducive to work is in place. You may ask: what’s next? Here are the things that you should do after the renovation:

Ensure Safety

Call for a building commissioning process for your newly renovated office in Portland. This ensures that it passes building stipulations such as electrical and plumbing standards. This is not only to see if they are functioning at the moment. This process safeguards that it will have an efficient performance for a long time. Software data can also be set up to track operations. This can show any possible issues and catch them at their onset.

Commissioning helps owners to cut on maintenance costs. Also, it improves energy efficiency. Have a trusted company do this verification process for you. It will give you a great sense of security and peace of mind.

Spruce It Up

A post-renovation cleanup is imperative before using your new office. Debris removal is the first order of the day. Then the interior walls and windows need some good washing. Removing dust from every possible surface comes next. Go for the cabinets, doorknobs, and some office equipment. If there are carpets and upholstery, take a vacuum with you and let it do its work. Look into air vents for possible dust accumulation, too. Do not forget to wipe light fixtures and small electronic appliances while you are at it.

You can hire professional cleaners to do these things for you. As an alternative, you can ask your employees to do it instead. Allot one day and treat it as a corporate project. Cleaning the new office themselves will help get them acquainted with it. Make sure that nobody will be involved in an accident. They can also decorate their respective workstations after.

Get Oriented

Do not expect employees to settle immediately after the renovation. Treat it as a blank slate. Have orientations, training, and tours about the new layouts, systems, and processes. A complete renovation will naturally bring some changes along with it.

Be patient as they adjust to their new surroundings. When you see employees start to acclimate, you know that the renovation is a success. With their new spaces, you may even witness a boost in productivity. Also, there may be in a happier state than before.

Enjoy Your New Space

There may be spots in your newly renovated office that you feel did not go as planned. You may even regret some aspects of your plan. Also, you may still feel some leftover stress from all the actions of the renovation process. Throw all these negativity out your window with its new blinds. The only thing left after all the overhaul is to enjoy the transformed spaces. Take comfort in all the benefits that the refurbishment brings.

Do not neglect these things that you need to attend to after renovation. They are as important as the things before and during the renovation.

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