Essential Recruitment Tools for Every Hiring Manager


Hiring the right employees is easier said than done. The internet has made it easier for businesses to find prospective employees and job seekers to apply to their dream jobs easily. However, this has made it much more difficult for HR and recruitment departments to keep up with the enormous backlog of applications. With thousands of applications to sort through, and specific requirements to keep an eye out for, it can get overwhelming. This is one of the biggest hurdles many businesses face regarding productivity, but it’s thankfully an easy problem to address.

There are plenty of recruiting tools available to help hiring managers. It’s only a matter of finding out which specific channels meet the needs of the hiring department and ultimately help the business achieve its bottom line. Using them efficiently and effectively can improve the hiring process and ensure that only the best candidates get the position. With the proper resources needed to sort through and select the most suitable candidates, HR and recruitment departments end up saving tons of time and money in the long run.

The following are essential recruitment tools that every hiring manager needs to ensure that the hiring process goes over smoothly and find the best talent for the job.

Personality Tests

Most candidates will display the same excellent grades, universities, and skills on their resume, but they’re going to need something else to stand out from the crowd. This is where a personality test for applicants comes in. These tests use questions to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and special traits of any given candidate. Hiring managers can use this information to see how well the candidate fits in with the role and the company at large.

Skill Tests

The best way to determine if the skills listed on a candidate’s resume are merely embellishments or not is to test them on it. Skill tests allow candidates to showcase their practical and technical skill sets to ensure that hiring managers aren’t simply wasting their time with otherwise unqualified applicants.

Hiring apps

Using a hiring app can streamline the recruitment process and make it much more convenient for everyone involved. These apps keep everything in one place — from submitting applications to virtual assessments, skill tests, and video interviews — so that the HR department isn’t stretched too thin.

Referral Programs

Employees know the inner workings of a business best. It’s possible to take full advantage of this knowledge by encouraging them to refer suitable applicants that they think would be an excellent fit for the company. Small incentives can help motivate them to pass along as many contact details as they can gather and be more discerning about who they’re referring.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

An ATS can match a candidate with a relevant skill set to the job posting, parse resumes into an easy-to-read format, and simultaneously post job ads on multiple platforms. It’s an incredibly powerful and useful tool that every hiring manager should have in their arsenal.

Video Chat Software

Video interviews are increasingly becoming the norm due to the current global crisis, but it was also already on the rise because many hiring managers are becoming more open about seeking out suitable recruits in different states and even other countries. This explains the need for investing in video chat software, which allows people to conduct video calls from and to anyone anywhere in the world.

Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms serve a double purpose for hiring managers. They’re a great place to post job ads and source interesting job applicants, but they also allow hiring managers to do a light background check on prospective candidates.

Online Groups

Facebook Groups, Slack channels, and WhatsApp groups that cater to job-seekers are excellent places to find skilled talent online. These are great platforms to post job ads and quickly vet any prospective job applicants who express interest in the position.

Background and Reference Check Software

Background and reference checks are essential to hiring the right employee. They might have the right skills, but a simple review could bring up certain aspects of the candidate that might disqualify them from getting hired. These checks can be quite time-consuming and complicated, so it’s best to have the necessary tools in place to streamline this process.

Contract Systems


The final step to hiring a candidate is providing them with the legal documents that state that they’re hired. Contract software allows hiring managers to quickly get this done without using a new legal form every time they hire a new employee.

A business is only good as its people, which is why the hiring process is so important. These are the tools that every hiring manager needs to ensure that recruitment goes smoothly and efficiently.

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