Equilibrium: Understanding How Vestibular System Works

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To know how the world works, you rely on your senses. These senses send signals to your brain, which you process and turn into information. Classical knowledge may tell that there are five senses — sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. These are the five basic senses that help you make out of the stimuli in the world. In reality, there is more to bodily processes than your five senses. One of the most important senses that your grade school teacher probably did not teach is the sense of balance, otherwise known as the vestibular system.

Navigating the world, knowing where you stand, and keeping yourself still are important actions for survival. These are all possible through the vestibular system. It processes information that will help balance yourself — to make sure that you can stand still and know where you actually stand. If you are looking for more things that will help you understand this important system, you are reading the right article. Here are some tidbits that you ought to take note of:

The Basics

The vestibular system is composed of several parts that are found in the inner ear. This collection of parts is also known as the vestibular labyrinth. These are responsible for giving the brain details and information about your movements, from walking to nodding and shaking your head. Furthermore, it helps you make sure that your posture is stable. The labyrinth is composed of canals, each of which detect the movement of your body. When you move, the fluid inside the canals also move and interact with hair cells. The hair cells then send the information of your movement to the brain. The brain then determines where you are in the space. The vestibular system also helps you determine whether you are moving right or left.

Organ Coordination

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The vestibular system also works with other organs and systems to make sure that you are properly oriented. For one, it works with your sense of sight to keep objects from getting blurred when you move your head. It works with your muscular system so that your body can adjust to maintain proper balance. The vestibular system is also designed to help you keep your awareness when you are walking, running, or riding a bike.

Taking Care of Your Vestibular System

While the vestibular system is hidden within your ear, it gets affected when your inner ears are compromised. When your inner ear gets hurt, you will feel dizzy and may start to lose balance. Vertigo is a common vestibular system problem. When you feel that there is a problem with your inner ear, it would be wise to consult a hearing and balance clinic in Colorado.

The vestibular system is an important collective of organs and parts that allow you to navigate the world and help you understand how you are standing still. It is important to learn about this system, so you will know how to take care of it much better. With all these things in mind, you will be able to appreciate the reality that you can stand still. Always consult your doctor that specializes in vestibular system care.

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