Epoxy Coating: Use it if You Want Your Concrete Floor Fantastic

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In the past, only businesses in Lehi would use epoxy flooring for their commercial shop and garage needs. The reason behind this is functional: epoxy coating protects concrete. But with the advent of many decorative completions, a lot of people are actually considering it for residential spaces such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Many homeowners discover that epoxy coating can make the floor look durable, nice-looking, and easy to maintain. Epoxy floors are now moving from commercial space to residential space.

Why Use Epoxy Coating for Your Concrete Floor

Aside from aesthetics, there are other reasons for using epoxy flooring. Epoxy is made of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. When this material combines, they seal and cures the surface, giving it stability and endurance.

Good for appearance and covering defects

As already mentioned, epoxy can give your concrete floor a sleek appearance. You can choose a color that will complement any decorative lighting that you have installed. But epoxy is also good for covering any defects in your floor such as cracks and chips. Not only does it make concrete look good, but it also makes it stronger. You hit two birds with just one stone.


Since it is good for covering defects, instead of removing a defective floor that can cost you a lot of money, coating it with epoxy is a cost-effective option. Instead of buying tiles or vinyl, which adds to the installation cost, just cover the defect with epoxy, and your floor is good to go.


Good for strengthening floors

High-traffic floors need fortification for them to last longer. What can better strengthen them than epoxy? When hardened, epoxy can withstand heat, shock, chemicals, and water. Is it any wonder why it was first used in garages and commercial hallways?


If heat is a problem, epoxy with high levels of phosphorus is what you’re looking for. This is ideal for kitchen flooring where hot oil spillages constantly happen. Garage floors can also make use of heat-resistant epoxy because hot oil spills from the engine can also damage concrete.


You might think that you won’t be handling corrosive chemicals at home, but who knows? If you do and you spill it on the floor, you’ll be thankful if you have epoxy coating because it’s chemical-resistant. You can just clean the floor without worrying if it gets damaged by the chemical.

While concrete is a strong flooring material, there are a lot of things to desire about it. It’s prone to cracking, and it’s not nice-looking in itself. Epoxy coating fills this gap with the benefits it provides. With the current variety of epoxy coating on the market, you can be sure to find the best option to make your concrete floor look good. Make sure that you invest in a professional installer to ensure that the coating job is done properly.

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