Dive In: Why You Should Inspire Kids to Love Swimming

little girl playing at a water park

Swimming is a fun sport that offers tremendous benefits. If you’re looking for an activity for your child that will allow them to grow physically stronger, mentally sharper and socially smarter, then it’s probably time to dedicate weekends of a swimming session at your backyard.

Here are the specific reasons you should promote swimming to kids:

Swimming improves physical well-being

The activity looks fun, but swimming is really a workout routine, at its core. Swimming helps improve the cardiovascular system and builds endurance and muscle strength. That’s a lot of physical health benefits your growing child can maximize.

Encouraging your kids to get into exercises like swimming will help them adopt healthy lifestyle practices early on, making it easier for them to stick to being in shape later in life. At the same time, you’re sending them the message that being fit doesn’t have to be a drag or a burden; in fact, it can be fun.

Swimming makes children smart

According to research, kids who’ve been taught to swim have better intellectual and motor skills than non-swimmers. They’re better at drawing lines and shapes and understanding math and directions. Scientists explain that this is due to the fact that skills needed for academic success are skills improved in the pool, say, knowing how to get ready when a swimming instructor counts 1,2,3.

At the same time, swimming allows kids to be mentally alert, as they focus their thoughts on keeping themselves safe in the waters. This constant consciousness and know-how about safety are important as it prevents drowning. Note that you should be able to apply safety measures as well when teaching kids.

Install a DIY pool fence in your yard you can get from firms such as GreatFence.com to make sure that kids won’t be able to access the pool area without your knowledge. Equally important are safety gears when doing the activity.

Swimming enables them to socialize

Swimming is a good bonding activity. It helps you connect with children on a new, different level. At the same time, a pool in the yard is a magnet for neighbor-kids. Your children will be able to invite their playmates over and have fun with them.

But again, given that it’s a ‘magnet’ for kids, you should be able to strengthen safety and security measures in your area. It’s important to monitor kids’ activities closely. If you do decide to enroll your kids in a class, though, the social health benefits are still there: you’re exposing them to a lot of interaction opportunities.

Promote swimming to your children. Let them grow stronger, smarter and more social with this fun activity.

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