Details That Will Boost the Look of Your Garage Door

garage door of suburban home

Most people do not appreciate that their garage door makes the centerpiece of their curb appeal. It, however, accounts for 30–40% of your property’s front and should not be simply thought of as a functional element. When people hear of boosting the look of their garage door, they will pick the nearest can of paint and turn their door’s color into one that matches the rest of their landscape.

This is also OK, but a few details such as garage door spring repair for your Cairns property are also essential. With properly tightened and working springs, the sagging look that affects the functionality and appearance of your door will be averted. After the necessary repairs, you can embark on picking the right styles for the details guaranteed to transform your door’s look. Here are a few features that will enhance your garage door’s look.


Garage door windows mark easy-to-maintain and safe upgrades for your garage doors. The reflective framed panes of garage door windows add an attractive style to even the plainest of garage doors. The windows are available in two and one-car sets and come in different designs though curved and rectangular panes are the most common. The windows can be made of etched decorative glass and floral patterns.


These will add charm and character to your garage door. Hinges come in different decorative sets in varying styles to match your property’s exteriors. Some of the standard options include spear-end and rustic designs to match carriage house designs and iron Saxon-style and fleur-de-lis hinge to match classic architectural designs.


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Most garage doors have their opening and closing automated. Remote controls and signals are used for the same. You can, however, include handles on the garage doors to add an interesting design element to your door. You can opt for simple iron straps or ornate fleur-de-lis straps for your overhead and sectional doors.

You will choose handles installed side by side or get a single handle if you want a simple design. Moreover, you can match the garage door handle with that used for your front door to create a cohesive exterior look. You can also include door knockers to generate a consistent look with your front door.


Adding a decorative trim is one of the best options for embellishing your garage door. The molding is ideally used around the door’s perimeter and can be complex with ornate details or clean and simple depending on your existing curb appeal. You can opt for one style and color for the trim for your entire curb or have a contrast between the garage door’s trim and that used on your windows and front door.

The garage door parts mentioned above look inconsequential to most property owners, and they thus see no need for their professional installation. The addition of anything to your garage door will nonetheless impact its operation in one way or another. It is, therefore, essential to have professional guidance when picking the décor details for your door and have them professionally installed. This way, you are sure that these elements will not affect the working of your garage door’s parts.

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