Design Inspirations from Movies and TV for Teen’s Rooms


From fairy lights to posters on the wall, teenage years are a time for exploration and self-expression. As a result, the room becomes an extension of their personality. It becomes the subject of showing their current interests, making the room’s interior go through phases as the teen does.

Parents who are purchasing a house should be aware of this, especially on agreements with their trusty mortgage company regarding marks on the wall and other effects of temporary decorations. At the same time, parents should support their kids in this time of their lives while also guiding them to prevent permanent damage to the room.

As a teen, films and TV shows tend to have a significant influence. This can, then, be mirrored by their rooms, as they take inspiration from the production design.

Take Color Palette Ideas from Movies

Colors in film mean more than just the prettiness of every frame. These decisions often come from careful planning, especially coming from color psychology and the meanings they elicit.

The same applies to interior design. Colors can stimulate the room or make it feel relaxed. It’s essential to find colors that you’d be fine seeing and living in every day.

When being inspired by your favorite films, take into consideration color psychology as well as the personality you want to reflect your room. Besides, there are way too many pretty films to choose from:

  • The icy blue pallette of The Revenant (2015)
  • The earth tones of The Professional (1994)
  • The vibrant, rainbow colors of A Clockwork Orange (1971)
  • The all red and warm palette of American Beauty (1999)
  • The pastel neighborhood from Edward Scissorhands (1990)



Recreate Pretty Rooms of Your Favorite Protagonists

The rooms of TV show characters reflect their personalities, and this should be the case for your room as well. Since the room is usually a teen’s sanctuary, it should be the place where they are able to express themselves freely. Here are three rooms from TV shows of different countries as inspiration:

  • Dan Humphrey’s room in Gossip Girl (2007-2012)

Probably the cutest part if Dan Humphrey’s room is the painted brick wall and the built-in bookshelf. The character, being an aspiring writer, has an overflowing shelf as well as piles of books scattered around the room. Consistent to the entire feel of the loft, the room is rustic—even having a roll-up as its door.

  • Neo’s Apartment in 3 Will Be Free (2019)

The bisexual character of Neo in 3 Will Be Free can be seen in his apartment as items tread the line between feminine and masculine. The production design makes a workbench and the color pink work together. Its backdrop of a mood wall, containing pictures, posters, magazine cutouts, as his headboard also becomes the centerpiece of the room. You know what they say: “Everything is unisex if you’re brave enough.”

  • The King’s study in The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

The King’s study is an enormous room with shelves and chalkboards on the walls. The most noteworthy about it, though, is that every chalkboard is filled with formulas. Like Dan’s room, The King’s study reflects the analytic and scientific nature of the character.

Exploring one’s true style can be inspired by movies and TV shows. At the end of the day, what’s important is grounding oneself to what resonates best for them.

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