Design Alternatives for Windows in Modern Homes

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Architectural designs for homes come and go each with its distinct features. While most people for some time opted for classical designs for their homes, most are now leaning towards modern constructions. These are homes designed and built with eco-conservation and energy-efficiency in mind.

The materials and styles used for modern construction, thus now feature clean lines, open rooms, large doors and multiple windows to maximise natural heat and lighting. When considering the available real estate for sale here in Townsville to transform into a family home, it pays to know what you should look for.

One element that determines your interior look and the amount of relaxation you will enjoy indoors is the design of the windows. While there are numerous window styles for homes, the following are the popular alternatives for modern constructions.

Double-Hung Windows

These feature two large framed units enclosing glass panels. They slide up and down inside their vertical tracks to open and close the windows. While double-hung windows in older homes have wall pockets behind their case mouldings for counterbalancing, in modern households they are offset using springs in their sidetracks.

This window design comes in several variants and is inexpensive and easy to operate. Moreover, its tracks will generally not fill with dirt since they are vertical. Double-hung windows are nonetheless not ideal on low sections of your walls since kids can fall through their large open frames and intruders can access your interiors.

Casement Windows

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These swing on horizontally mounted hinges on their top and bottoms. One of their sides will remain stationary while the other pivots much like a door. When appropriately positioned, casement windows will maximise the amount of breeze and sunshine flowing through your home.

They are ideal for keeping out drafts because their window seals are quite tight, unlike the double-hung windows. Their open space is also narrow, making them a secure choice. Even so, their mechanical cranking appliances have high failure rates.

Bow or Bay Windows

These are a combination of windows that will together form units extending outwards from your home’s walls. They are known as bay windows if they form a square extension in your interiors and bow windows when the extension is curved.

The windows are generally the centrepieces of modern living rooms, parlours and family rooms where they offer a beautiful view to the exteriors. The space created by bay and bow windows can be used for a reading nook, greenhouse window, or an area for displaying décor items.

These windows are however expensive, and their large surface might contribute to heat loss.

Picture Windows

These are stationary windows that cannot be opened commonly used for storied rooms. Picture windows feature large glass expanses that form a ‘’picture-like frame’’ of your landscape and allow maximum sunlight into the indoors. They suffice for rooms where airflow is not crucial and those with stunning outdoor views.

Windows are among the last element most people consider when buying a home. They are more concerned with the square footage they are getting and the finishing of their interiors. The above design alternatives for windows nonetheless make a difference between a modern home and one from another architectural era and your interior decor.

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