Debunking How You Understand Bounce Rate


Online Marketing in SanduskyAre you wondering why you have such a high bounce rate when you studied your latest analytics? This can mean two things — first is that your visitor found what they need on your first page and second, you can interpret it as a visitor that didn’t find useful information then decided to leave. This metric may be misunderstood or may enable you to see the big picture of your search engine marketing campaign.

Debunking the Bounce Rate Myth

When a marketer hears the words “bounce rate” they assume automatically that it has a negative impact on their website. In some cases, a visitor that only stays on a single page is a good thing. It may mean that they like the content on that page and decided not to go anywhere else. They found all the information they need, whether it is to make a purchase or simply share it through their networks. They might spend more time on a single page rather than clicking on other pages, which may mean that their engagement level is high. noted that high engagement is a good thing because it means that your target market is sharing, reading, or watching your published content. A high bounce rate may also mean that your keyword strategy is working effectively. Visitors are finding pages on your website that have most of the information they need.

Improving Conversion Rates

A high bounce rate isn’t automatically a bad thing, but you must pay attention to your conversion rate. Even if a visitor stays long on a page or even shares it, if they don’t convert, then your strategy only worked half way. Adding a call to action at the end of a page increases the possibility of converting a visitor.

Understanding bounce rate involves studying visitor behavior and your strategy. Knowing these two by heart improves conversion rates and improves your relationship with your target market.

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