Dealing With Debt: What Options Do You Have?

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People end up with debt many times in their lives. The common one is for student debt but people can collect mortgages and credit card debts, too. For those who are having a hard time living and dealing with their debt, there are several options available.

None of them is easy and they bring their own set of problems. But at least when they are done, you will be debt-free. Here are some of your best options:

Create Your Payment Plan

Many people only need a bit of discipline and effort to start paying off their debts. This usually means creating your budget. This is the simplest to implement. All you need is to start authorizing the right amount of payments. But the problem is that it is always tempting to pay the minimum amount. Keeping to your payment plan is the key while also lowering your spending to only the necessities. This ensures that you pay off the debt faster. The problem is it is easy to slip and make mistakes when it is on your own.

Work With Debt Management Plans

Lenders don’t want you to default. They want you to pay so they are willing to help you out with debt management plans. This is usually done through a debt management agency. Instead of separate payments, you pay one lump sum to the agency and they will handle all the separate payments. You will experience lower interest rates and you cannot have credit cards while you are doing these payments.

This is a good deal. Without credit cards, you can’t increase your debt and the lower interest rate means that it is less of a strain. You will have to be careful though. Missing one payment can result in you getting kicked off the plan.

Consolidate Your Debts


If you have multiple debts with varying interest rates, then it would be a good idea to put it all into one big debt. This is called debt consolidation and it is simple. You calculate how much you owe for various debts, then find a lender that would allow you to borrow that large an amount.

Larger debts usually have lower interest rates. When you get the loan, you then use it to fully pay all of your outstanding debts. The result is you only have one big debt to pay and only one interest rate to worry about.

Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is the most desperate way to solve your debt problem. It essentially means that you don’t have any way to pay your outstanding debts and you are asking the government’s help to solve your problem. It is common to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Utah and other states. Chapter 7 allows the state to liquidate your assets and use the money to fully pay off your debts. You will need some help with it since it requires a proper assessment of your property, ensuring that you are not hiding anything.

Your debts hold you back and limit your options. Getting rid of them can make your life so much easier. Be smart about choosing which payment option to take, though. You might end up more in debt if you are not careful.

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