Counting Stars: Door Counting Devices

Analyzing people traffic

Analyzing people trafficAnalyzing people traffic has become a good practice to succeed in business ventures. To streamline operations of your store or business, it is important to know the number of potential customers who entered or exited a store within a given time. This helps you devise ways to take the delivery of products and services to a higher level.

With accurate data on customer traffic, many establishments such as shopping centers, banks, airports and large stores benefit. The device that aids them in this endeavor is a door counter, which counts people coming in and out.

Door counters have many kinds depending on placement, but they are usually at the entrance for counting people visiting a store.

How the Device Works

Door counters keep their data in a database that you specify. At the end of the day, you can collect data and push the reset switch for the next day.

This device is easy to install and handle. It has modules and sensors that you can mount at the doorstep. The sensor can gently move to monitor the entry and the exit areas. Still, if the entrance is large with different exit and entry gates then you need two or more of these devices installed, depending on the type of counter you have.


It also comes with adequate protection, but they come separately. You can install them in a bracket for this purpose around the sensors, lens and the modules. Take care to place them away from the elements and in locations where they could receive damage. Do not tamper with the inner circuitry of the counter, as this could void its warranty.

The company you buy them from will appoint dedicated staff for your business, to help you install, monitor and maintain the device well.

These devices can provide accurate customer visitor numbers. With these details, you can calculate the conversion ratios. Careful analysis will help you judge the effectiveness of your advertising and efficacy of your business. This can improve advertising or workforce procurement.

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