Complete oral health – how to keep on top of cleaning your teeth

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Making sure you are completing a full clean of your teeth every day is going to make an enormous difference to the health and quality of your teeth over the course of your life. It might sound obvious, but cleaning is really, really, really important. If you are worried that your cleaning routine might not be up to scratch or that you need to find a way to teach the little ones better habits early on, then this blog has all the info you need.


You do not necessarily need an electric toothbrush to provide a proper deep clean; however, they can seriously help, and reports have shown that those who use an electric toothbrush are less likely to contract gum disease. However, using a regular brush twice a day with the correct technique can prove effective in stopping dental issues.

Making sure you use the correct technique could make all the difference. Try to use a circular motion across the whole tooth and not just a back and forth motion, and ensure you clean all sides of each tooth, including the back of your tooth. It is very common for plaque and tartar to build up in this area, and these are the leading causes of gum disease and tooth decay. It is recommended that you brush for at least two minutes per session, twice daily. You should split this time equally between all four corners of the teeth.

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Flossing is a really important part of oral health that can very easily be left and neglected. It’s only through flossing that we are able to reach the deep pockets of the gums to get the nasty bugs and bacteria. You don’t need to buy a fancy type of floss; the basic stuff that is easily available at your local chemist or supermarket will do the trick. Just make sure you use the right method in pulling down between the gums and then making a c-shape around each tooth before pulling back up. There are lots of videos with easy-to-follow how-to guides online if you’re getting stuck. Equally, get in contact with your dentist West Bridgford; they will be able to support you.

Added extras

There are a series of other things you can do to help maintain the health and quality of your teeth. Firstly, make sure you use toothpaste with good fluoride content, as fluoride helps the teeth develop a natural enamel layer to fight off decay. Secondly, don’t rely on mouthwashes; mouthwashes are there to clean and are a bonus tool to encourage fresh breath and the removal of any particles left behind after cleaning. Third, if you don’t know what interdental brushes are, it’s time to find out. Interdental brushes can be used in conjunction with flossing to remove large bits of food debris and germ build-up. And finally, make sure you visit your dentist in West Bridgford for regular checkups; it is only through checkups that your dental health can be correctly tracked and monitored.

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