Common Relationship Issues among Millennials

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Finding your one true love can be a lifelong quest. It is a human instinct to love and to find someone who will also love us for who we are. After all, we are all capable of loving because it is human nature. However, a romantic relationship is way complicated than loving the environment, animals, our friends, our parents, and other family members. Along with finding a romantic relationship is bravely entering the dating scene.

Dating has since evolved over the years. Back then, dating apps weren’t a thing yet, and so was finding an online matchmaker in Houston. Nowadays, dating can be as simple as downloading an app or visiting a website, searching through hundreds of profiles, and seeing if one suits your fancy. However, there are still challenges, especially among new-age millennials, when it comes to dating.

Common dating problems that millennials face

All generations experience dating problems. On the one hand, finding someone to date has been more comfortable nowadays due to the popularity of online dating apps and websites.

Still, there are so many choices out there that it can be challenging to decide which of them to commit to. These are other common dating issues that millennials usually face:

1. They fear choosing the wrong person.

Some people grow up in a dysfunctional family. As a result, they have developed this fear of committing and staying in a romantic relationship. These people do not want to experience a failed relationship, just like what their parents experienced.

2. They prioritize their careers over marriage.

Back then, it is a normal thing to get married before reaching your 20’s. Nowadays, your 20’s is the time where you get to discover yourself. It is the time where young adults begin to earn their own money, buy things they want, and (hopefully) save for the future. Their quest for love is still there, but they want to enjoy their youth and money before settling down.

3. They do not believe in marriage.


Such a belief can be due to growing up with divorced parents. Meanwhile, a lot of unmarried couples and even single individuals already have children. For these people, marriage seems to be out of the question. They would rather focus on other aspects of their lives, such as their careers.

Taking the risk in love

Love is not just a feeling; it is also a variety of things. It can make you feel giddy all over, but it can destroy you, too. Love should not only be about you but also about other people and things that you care about. Finding love should supposedly be a lot easier nowadays, but there are still people who are scared of commitment.

The popularity of social media and the focus on career and other things have also affected how people look at love. Nonetheless, love problems do not only exist among millennials but also among other people of different ages. It can be a gamble out there, but it’s up to the person whether he or she is willing to take the plunge in finding love.

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