Causes of Furnace Malfunctions Homeowners Should Know


Furnace RepairAbout every home in Salt Lake City has a furnace to heat rooms during cold seasons. And, like any other equipment, some instances will necessitate either repairing or replacing your furnace.

More often than not, you have experienced one of the following issues with your furnace: high or low-pitched squealing sounds, frequent cycling, unusual odors, or the blower running continuously.

Other times, there has been a malfunctioned pilot light, excessive noise emanating from the furnace, or the heater not heating air enough or blowing hot air.

What causes these issues?


Typically, furnaces have a service life of up to 15 years within which they function optimally. But that does not mean, in any case, that a well-maintained furnace cannot keep serving you past the 15-year bracket.

Nonetheless, call in an HVAC specialist to determine whether the cost of repairing or replacing parts of your furnace system could be higher than the much you would spend buying and installing a new one.

Faulty thermostat

One other common cause of furnace breakdowns is a malfunctioned thermostat. Thermostats play a significant role in regulating the amount of heat your equipment is supplying to your home. When these items fail, there is either intermittent or insufficient heat.

Lack of regular maintenance

The proper functioning of furnaces depends heavily on maintenance – regular maintenance. Scheduling for annual checks is a good practice so you can identify potential causes of malfunctions to ensure your furnace is functioning optimally.

Finally, irrespective of whether you have identified any issue with your furnace, it is advisable you always engage a licensed specialist in plumbing, heating and air conditioning in Salt Lake City to analyze the current condition of your heating equipment.

From the analysis, they will give certain recommendations for a more efficient system that will best meet your heating needs based on energy efficiency, cost, and safe usage.

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