What to Do If Your Car Broke Down In The Middle Of the Road

Car Emergency

Car EmergencyYou are driving down the highway and suddenly your car stops. You don’t know why, it just broke down. And the worse part of it is you know nothing about cars. You only know how to drive them. What do you do?

Indeed, it is one of those disasters that you don’t want to experience. But if by some bad luck, you find yourself in that kind of situation, we have listed a few tips on what to do when your car suddenly breaks down.

First, try to get the car off the road. Not only will it be an inconvenience for other drivers, but getting it off the road will enable you to check your car safely. You do not want to be peering down your car or changing tires in the middle of the way. Remember though to turn on your turn signal so other vehicles will know you are steering away from the highway. Not your emergency signal as this will mean you are stuck in the middle and not pulling off the road.

If you find yourself unable to do that, stay in the car and call for help. The least safest way to fix the problem is to have you running around the vehicle while trying to avoid speeding cars. When you have successfully steered your car away, that’s when you put on your distress signal.

Now, what to do with the car? Check if your car is indicating an overheating warning. If it will not start, maybe it is the battery. Open your hood and see if the cable clamps are perfectly fastened. Also, check the fuel. Maybe you are out of it? Another problem to check is your tires.

If you still cannot pinpoint the problem, 131tow.com.au advises to call a 24-hour towing company immediately to bring your car to the garage and get a proper diagnosis.

Other than always bringing an emergency breakdown kit, you should always have a number for an emergency towing service. It is not only convenient, but more importantly, it is definitely a life saver.

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