Business Talk: Establishing an Office

office meeting room with city view

The world of business continues to open an endless stream of opportunities for every business-minded individual. If you are among those who are aiming to run a new enterprise, then you’ll need to acquire and procure the necessary legal documents and start-up items.

Another fundamental step of setting up a business is establishing an office. Let’s discuss the key essentials of an effective business office below:


Choose an accessible location. An area that houses many businesses with the same niche and specialization is a good bet. You may also opt for established business districts in bustling urban areas.

A particular example is Utah, which Forbes has named the “Best State for Business” for three consecutive years due to its characteristics of being a powerful economic engine. Furthermore, Salt Lake City is home to the biggest industrial banking center of Utah, as well as a large number of transportation companies, government offices, and regional centers. If you are a resident of Utah, then going for Salt Lake City as a location of your office can be beneficial.


Of course, your Salt Lake City office will need complete sets of furniture including desks, cubicles, chairs, and couches. The number and type of furniture pieces will greatly depend on the number of employees and the aesthetics you’re trying to achieve. It can be minimalist and modern or cool and retro — whatever you fancy! Just keep in mind that the colors, patterns, and overall look should encourage productivity and not be distracting to the members of your team.

Phone System

An efficient phone system is required for all types of enterprises. For small businesses and startups, it’s recommended to opt for a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system.

A typical VoIP system works through a high-speed Internet connection instead of a conventional phone line in private branch exchange systems. Thus, they are less expensive and can build strong connections with various types of devices such as mobile phones, handsets, and computers. VoIP also offers many additional business features like software integrations and video conference call.

Electronic and Automated Devices

work desk with computers and printer

High-tech gadgets can upgrade your work operations through their cutting-edge features and functions. Depending on the needs and demands of your business, you can choose different types of interactive display projectors, computer sets, multi-USB docking stations, label makers, and other office must-haves. It’s also good to have tech-savvy security systems installed, as well as modern systems for safety purposes such as fire alarms and other emergency tools.

Pantry Appliances

Most people spend more time in their office than their homes, which is why you must keep your workplace comfortable and make essentials readily available. It’s suggested to have a pantry with a refrigerator of adequate size, as well as a microwave, coffee maker, and water dispenser. This will make rendering overtime less of a hassle for your employees.

Making wise decisions in terms of selecting items will allow you to establish an office that’s a great place to spend time in. It will also largely influence your daily operations and workflow. Keep in mind that the goals are to maximize labor expenditure, promote a good corporate culture, and build a motivating work environment.

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