Breathe New Life into Your Home: Excellent Tips to Help You Maintain an Old House

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You may love your home, but it may look like it has seen better days. However, that does not mean your old home cannot look and feel beautiful. There are many ways to take care of an old house. Here are some tips for you.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Routine maintenance, especially for the exterior of your home, is crucial to minimize the need for expensive repairs. Home maintenance can involve many things, such as painting and cleaning. You should create and follow a schedule to keep your home looking new. Regular and thorough deep cleaning can easily bring life into your house.

Replace Aluminum Wiring

Many old homes have aluminum electrical wiring. While you may not realize it, they can pose a huge threat to your house because aluminum oxide has a rather high electrical resistance that can lead to house fires. Most newer homes have copper wiring, so it’s better to replace your California or Salt Lake City home’s old aluminum wiring with copper types. Hire professional electrical services to help you get the job done promptly and safely.

Keep the Original Wood

Due to things like infestation or rot, you may have to replace wood in your home. However, consider to only remove and replace damaged wood instead of removing all of it. It will help you preserve the style of your home while saving money on wood, too. If you want to make sure the replacement looks like the original design, make sure you take photographs of the design before you remove the wood.

Seal the Floors

Your floors would already have sealant installed the first time they were placed in the home. However, due to cleaning and regular use, the sealant can wear down over time. This does not mean you have to replace your home’s original flooring since that can be a costly and labor-intensive task. You can strip the finish and apply a new sealant around every five to ten years.

Maintain Your HVAC System

HVAC maintenanceOne thing that can make your home look and feel old quickly is dust because it can accumulate everywhere, and it can make your home look outdated and smell musty. One reason dust keeps flowing through your home could be your HVAC system. To make sure your system is dust-free, optimal, and energy-efficient, replace its filters once a month. You should also get your HVAC system professionally cleaned one to two times a year.

Enhance Curb Appeal

A simple way to enhance an old home’s look is to boost its curb appeal. You can keep a well-manicured and neat front lawn to impress people easily. You can create a small garden as well to add a touch of greenery. A fresh coat of paint on the front door or exterior wall will also help protect your home while adding more style and personality.

Your old home may need a little more love and care to show off its best traits. Make sure you follow the maintenance tips above to preserve an old house.

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