Boxing Essentials for Beginners


Boxing is a great cardio exercise that provides a full body workout. Just like any other sport, it demands a fair amount of equipment to ensure safety and comfort. Here are a few boxing essentials for beginners:



Handwraps are an important tool for protecting your hands. These cloth wraps cover your knuckles to prevent scrapes and bruises. Wraps also support the wrist when you’re hitting the bag. Common styles of handwraps include cotton wraps, Mexican wraps, and gel wraps.


Gloves are necessary for punching exercises and drills throughout your workout. If you’re new to boxing, begin with a lighter pair and work your way up. Make sure to choose a durable pair of boxing gloves so they can last a long time.

Jump Rope

Jump ropes develop your overall boxing conditioning, punching ability, and footwork. Boxers use jump ropes as a common way to workout, warm up, or warm down.

Boxing Shoes

If you can’t afford new boxing shoes, you can use soft-soled running or cross training sneakers. These shoes provide enough traction for beginner level boxers. Just make sure that the sneakers are comfortable enough and provide enough support for your routine.

These are just a few types of equipment needed for your boxing workout. Ask your trainer or coach to know the other boxing essentials you need for your training.


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