Blorange: The Hair Colour of 2017


Hair Treatment It is official; blorange is the hair colour of 2017. The rather silly name is a combination of ‘blood’ and ‘orange’ and Cosmopolitan Magazine stated that the colour is so mesmerising it is like having a subtle sunset on your head.

Who’s ‘Wearing’ It

The washed-out orange shade is not an entirely new hairdo; it looks a lot like the rose-gold hair trend that blew up in 2016.

Blorange’s popularity picked up when Mick Jagger’s daughter, Georgia May Jagger, showed off her new hair colour on Instagram in September last year. The colour was the creation of Alex Brownsell, a celebrity hairstylist in London.

Other celebrities are also trying out the trend. Model Gigi Hadid, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actress Troian Bellisario and Sienna Miller are all ‘wearing’ the hot new hair colour; Lady Gaga also tried out the look for the recent Grammy Awards.

The Reason for its Popularity

Aside from its stunning shade, blorange is popular among women because it is flattering to most complexions. You do not have to stick to one specific shade either; you can modify the colour to adapt a shade that suits you. It ranges from soft, pastel-like tones to shades of fiery sierra.

Natural brunettes, however, will require more pre-lightening of their hair than blondes to achieve a vibrant colour. Without bleaching, the effect will have a more subtle finish.

Maintaining the Look

Choosing blorange as your new hair colour is no easy task. You should be ready for frequent salon visits because it requires a hair gloss treatment every four to six weeks. Regardless of your shade, Black Champagne Salon & Spa suggests that you should only use high-quality products to make sure your hair is damage-free.

Like the rose-gold trend of 2016, blorange is set to take over 2017 with its versatile shade. You just need the patience, and budget, to maintain that look.


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