Blessings All Around with Six Sigma


Clinical LaboratoriesSix Sigma and Lean methodologies have grown popular in recent years as various industries implement them to boost productivity in their own sectors. One of the industries greatly improved by such methodologies is the healthcare and research laboratories sector. In fact, innovation has been driving clinical laboratories to use Six Sigma and Lean in new ways.

In the Lab

In the past, Six Sigma and Lean were simply used to boost the workflow in laboratories, to improve the productivity of equipment, devices, and staff, to avoid errors and mistakes in lab processes, and to cut down on laboratory spending. Although many laboratories continue to do such things, a few have taken Six Sigma and Lean outside of the lab and brought it to hospitals.

Outside the Lab

Instead of laboratories, focus shifted towards physicians, nurses, patients, and hospitals. Laboratory teams left their labs to initiate more productive uses of clinical lab test data by healthcare providers. These projects aimed to develop care given to patients, to significantly cut down on the length of time hospital patients have to be confined, and to pioneer similar cutbacks in cost of care.

The Power of Six Sigma and Lean

Such projects using Six Sigma and Lean demonstrate the effectiveness of the methodologies. KPI Fire notes that you can bring the benefits of these methodologies to your business or even industry sector. You simply need to undergo certification, which is comparable to studying for a college degree.

Top Earner

What can your certification bring you? You will become an invaluable worker in your company. Six Sigma and Lean are perhaps infinitely useful methodologies that companies can benefit from. Your expertise on the methods and Six Sigma software will be needed to implement them in your company.


Your certification will also help you become the lead man or woman in your company’s Six Sigma initiatives. When you want to be a leader, rather than just a worker, a Six Sigma certification can certainly give you that.

What do you say? Six Sigma and Lean seem to continue to bring blessings to companies and industries that use them. You and your company can be one of those that receive blessings.

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