Best Qualities of an Amphibious Vehicle

Amphibious bus for transfering tourists

There is a natural explorer within us, and for the more adventurous tourists, they would not be content with just riding a cruise ship and watching the sunset, or riding a tour bus and taking pictures of museums. Those are great cultural trips and are worthy components of an itinerary, but they’ll likely get more of an adrenalin rush by riding an amphibious vehicle through the rough terrain, straight into a raging river.

Some of the new amphibious vehicles are capable of giving an adventurous ride through sand dunes and lakes, like the Argo XTV, which can plow through the swampy mud and still keep your utilities in check. They can bring passengers and even some light cargo along for the adventure trip of a lifetime.

A Full Family Vacation in One Vehicle

Imagine an RV that fits the entire family but can roll through any obstacle that comes its way. There are real amphibious, military-grade vehicles that were converted into family recreational vehicles. They are as big as a full coaster and has the complete facilities of a family trailer. They even have a full interior with an actual kitchen, with granite tabletops, automatic washing machine, microwave oven, electric stove, and freezer. It has a full toilet and a jacuzzi to boot.

This is the family vehicle of your dreams, as you can drive right to the beach and enjoy the sunset, as well as rush off to the sands and have a barbecue. That would be the ultimate road and sea trip.

Intimate Rush

If you are more of a lone ranger or just want to have an action-packed quality time with your significant other, then there are jet skis that convert into a 4×4 ATV. Since this is a light, compact build, you can drive as fast as 45 to 50mph on the land or water. These amphibious vehicle’s framework was crafted from aluminum and stainless steel, so it is not easily damaged and very reliable whether in land or sea.

The vehicle gains its stability due to the wide base and the well-placed center of gravity. It has a stable platform and it can move laterally with remarkable maneuverability and thrust. It can remain stable even if it is speeding through the beach. The wheels retract when you hit the water and you only need to press a button, then after a short five seconds, the transformation is complete. You can bring a passenger with you in both sea and land mode.

Best of Both Worlds

The Argo 6×6 and 8×8 ATVs are among the best amphibious vehicles today, with a tough, utilitarian look. It can run fast enough like a typical ATV, enabling you to chase down your kids and their playmates, right into the river without the danger of suddenly getting stuck. Driving the ATV 6×6 is as fun as an ATV ride through the hills, but you also have tractor-like controls that are very easy to operate. You can rush right into the water with the Argo 6×6 and the huge tires will act like your paddles, and you can even go on reverse mode.

Amphibious vehicle filled with tourist in open water

The amphibious vehicle has crossed over to maximize the potential of riding through land and sea. Now, you don’t have to be a soldier at war to experience the thrill. You can share the experience with those special to you.

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