Auto Repair Shop: Maintenance Equals Success

workers in auto repair shop fixing a car

The industry of automotive repair is booming in total profit turnover. In fact, according to Brandon Gaille, in the United States alone, the auto repair industry is approximately valued at a whopping $880 billion per year. It’s even expected to experience growth in the coming years.

If you are in this industry, kudos to you for making a wise choice. Statistics show that the line of business you selected will continue to be in demand and lucrative. However, there are certain things you need to do to sustain the success of your business. One particular example is making sure that your auto hand tools and equipment are kept in mint shape.

Granted, the machines and equipment are the most indispensable part of an auto repair shop — simply because you can’t do any vehicle repairs without them. With that, we have rounded up several guidelines for maintaining your tools and equipment.

Have a well-lit and orderly workplace

Whether you’re renting a workshop or are using your home garage, it’s highly important that you have an environment that is kept organized and has sufficient natural light.

By having a tidy and orderly storage, it will be much easier to locate tools and keep them clean. Chances for accidents caused by unstable piles of heavy objects or intertwined cords will also be lessened.

As for the lighting, according to, sufficient natural light is a major factor in an auto repair shop because this allows your mechanics to have a thorough visual assessment of both the car they are repairing and the tools they are using. Thus, the likelihood for mistakes that can be damaging to both the vehicle and the equipment can be significantly decreased.

Buy high-quality tools and equipment

As the old adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” To prevent premature damage, it’s best that you purchase efficient and high-quality equipment and tools in the first place. Of course, no matter how good your machines are, wear and tear will eventually take a toll on them. However,  if you invest in excellent pieces of equipment, you can be assured that they have longer usability and better durability.

For instance, you must never compromise on the quality of automotive lifts because buying a cheap one can be risky for the safety of your mechanics. Another example is a bead roller machine, which you’ll most likely have if your services include body customizations. Buy one from a credible manufacturer such as Baileigh, a company that’s been selling bead rollers and metalworking equipment since 1926.

Another key consideration in your suppliers, aside from a solid brand reputation, is its provision of support and assistance. A good company provides you with all parts manuals as well as free on-site training for safely operating complex machines.

Follow specific maintenance guidelines for different types of tools

car repair man preparing his tools

Tools come in varying sizes and types so they also require distinct and specialized maintenance and care in terms of frequency of check-ups and required cleaning. For example, pneumatic tools must have their compressors, air element, air filter, and oil levels checked regularly. As for pipe flaring tools, their cutter blades must be periodically assessed.

Maintaining your automotive tools and equipment is integral to the success of your business. Other than cleaning and repairing them, taking initial steps like keeping an orderly workshop and purchasing durable machines will be beneficial for your auto repair shop in the long run.


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