Art Attack: Low-cost Arts and Crafts Business Ideas

Arts and Crafts Lovers

Arts and Crafts LoversMore and more people are now looking to have their own home-based businesses, and for good reasons. Those who have had the traditional nine-to-five careers and are considering retirement often think about starting a business as their next move.

This isn’t surprising, though. Research says a person can expect to have at least two to three careers during his lifetime. Thankfully, this type of career change is actually easy, as long as you’re willing to take risks and work really hard.

Do you have passion for arts and crafts? Here are some creative arts and crafts business ideas that you can start from home, which you can start with a small business loan in Bloomington, says


Candles are highly in-demand, especially in churches and even in simple homes. Scented candles, for instance, are commonly used in houses, spas, and hotels. If you have the budget, consider making aromatherapy candles. You can make good money from candle-making candles if you create different shapes and designs and sell them both online and offline.

Handmade Greeting Cards

Ready-made, printed greeting cards that you can simply buy from a bookstore lack a certain touch. You can offer handmade greeting cards made from recycled materials and let your customers do their own designs. You can let them write their own messages, too.


Most women learn how to knit from their moms, grandmothers or during art and craft lessons at school. If you think you’ve mastered several techniques, you can create simple items such as knit baby sweater, blankets, sweaters and even cardigans.


Soap-making is not only for big corporate brands. Think about it. These big brand started small, too. If you’re determined to start your own soap business, consider using organic and natural ingredients. This is a very good niche in this industry.

Of course, you’ll need a small capital to start your new venture. Look for business banking companies that offer small business loans if you need assistance.

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