Advertise Your Private Clinic: Tried and Tested Ways to Build Your Client Base


Promoting a private clinic is not unlike marketing any other business. If you want to reach potential patients, you have to first establish your private clinic as trustworthy. Here are a few marketing strategies you can try out to develop a client base even if you are new to the area:

Let Consumers Find You

People will more likely acquire your services if they know that you are an authority within the industry. A popular way to raise your profile is to launch a blog.

Nowadays, having a website is essential to any business. It is a way for consumers, who mostly use the web, to find you. A blog pushes your website up in search engine rankings, increasing your visibility online and convert internet traffic to potential clients. You can advertise the special equipment you have in your clinic like the operating room lights you found for sale online or a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine that you have. You can also discuss diseases, give medical advice, etc. on your blog.

When people go online and type a keyword, your website and blog will pop up. Hopefully, people who encounter your website and blog will be more inclined to visit your private clinic.

Social Media is Not Just for Kids

Social Media

Having a social media presence has become a necessity. Facebook alone has billions of users from around the world and, for many people, the site has become the entire internet. They use Facebook to find a business and assess their reputation.

Your social media profile will allow you to interact with potential clients. It is a way to immediately receive questions or concerns and respond to them. In addition, most social media sites offer targeted ads. Facebook, for example, will recommend your clinic to people within the vicinity.

Make Public Appearances

If you can, join as many events in your community as possible. Accept invitations wherein you will be allowed to address potential clients.

Speaking in front of the public not only gives you an opportunity to educate but also increases visibility. Hearing you talk about your specialty will attract people to your practice.

However, do not limit yourself by only appearing in medical conferences. Instead, every opportunity where you can communicate with the local population — a.k.a. your target market — will help you build a client base.

Speak to Local Media

Find a way to get the attention of local television stations or newspapers in the area. You may send a press release for an event you are holding, for example, or a new service that you offer.

Connect with Other Professionals

The best way to advertise is through word of mouth. People tend to follow the recommendation of family members, friends, or professionals they have interacted with. It will do your business good to befriend other medical practitioners in the area.

You can partner with them. They can endorse your clinic to clients who may be looking for a specialist in your field. In return, you will suggest their clinic to your clients.

Building a client base will not be easy. People will not magically trust your clinic overnight. You have to work hard to provide a good service, take care of the customers you already have, and hope that others will hear about the fine work you do.

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