How to achieve a whiter and brighter smile

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The appearance of your smile may be affected by many different environmental factors. Yellow teeth and discolouration are the most commonly presented symptoms needing cosmetic dentistry and affect the majority of the adult population to a certain extent. Discolouration can occur as a result of several different reasons, especially poor oral hygiene. Other factors which can stain your teeth include your choice of diet; specific foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, cola and wine can stain your teeth over time.

Some medications and underlying diseases can have detrimental effects on the appearance of your teeth, and lifestyle choices such as smoking and chewing tobacco are also prime candidates in teeth staining. These types of staining are extrinsic stains and can be removed using effective teeth whitening procedures at your dentist Navan.

Teeth whitening procedures

Teeth whitening procedures at your dentist are highly effective and convenient and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, providing a gradual whitening process with lasting results that you can be proud to show off with a smile. The Boutique whitening system and Enlighten whitening system are the two most popular home whitening treatment kits amongst dentists and patients alike. By speaking to your dentist you will be able to find out which is the most suitable for you. Enlighten whitening kits have been used for many years and provide excellent long-lasting results and Boutique whitening kits, although established slightly later, are more cost-effective, but also produce wonderful results. Both these kits work in the same way, using a combination of hydrogen peroxide to use during the day and carbamide peroxide which is used whilst you sleep overnight, to gradually whiten your teeth over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. You may want to speak to your dentist about teeth whitening in the clinic which includes a whitening session with your dentist using higher concentrations of the bleaching agents for a more dramatic or rapid effect.

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Dental veneers

Unfortunately there are some types of staining which cannot be removed by teeth whitening procedures. These are usually intrinsic stains which have occurred as a result of damage or injury to your tooth. Intrinsic stains are usually grey or black in colour and may affect the way you feel about your smile. In this case you may want to speak to your dentist about having dental veneers to dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth.

Dental veneers not only mask the colour of your teeth, but they are thin porcelain shells which cover the entire front surface of your teeth, masking all imperfections that may be affecting the aesthetic appearance of your smile. You may choose to have a single veneer to correct the appearance of one specific tooth or for a complete smile makeover you may wish to have a full set of dental veneers for a dazzling, perfect smile that you can proudly show off to the world. Speak to your dentist today for a full examination of your teeth and gums and find out which cosmetic dental treatment options may be suitable for your personal preferences and requirements. Begin the journey to transforming your smile today. For some treatments you may find your dentist will accept medical card patients.

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