How to Protect Your Mental Health When Starting a New Job

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Getting a new job can be challenging. Some people feel like it’s anxiety-inducing which makes it harder for them to adjust. Moving to a new work may give you thoughts of doubts. Some would question if they’re going to do better in their new job compared to their previous work. There are people who would wonder if they’re going to be friends with their colleagues. A lot of these thoughts can swirl into someone’s mind the moment they have to start a new job.

These thoughts can take over someone’s head. And you know it’s not going to be healthy for their mental health. The anxiety people feel in their new jobs can hinder their progress. This is why it’s important to protect someone’s mental health in this stage of their career.

If you’re going through this particular situation, you may want to give yourself a break. For you to avoid mental distress during the transition, here are some tips you can apply:

Avoid toxicity at your new job

Unfortunately, we have to deal with toxicity at work every once in a while. It’s undeniable that toxicity exists in most companies. That only means it’s inescapable. The only thing you can do is to either deal with it or avoid it all in all. There are a lot of things that may cause toxicity in the workplace. Nosy colleagues can be one of those. It’ll be hard for you especially if you always prefer a private space for yourself.

Another toxicity you may encounter could come from some bosses in the company. You already know the most common traits of a toxic boss. If you encounter any of these people at your job, you may want to think of ways to avoid them. You don’t have to totally ignore them. You only have to make a way to reduce interactions with them. It’s for your mental health’s sake.

Lessen commute hours

You may not know this but long hours of commute may take a toll on your mental health. It’s indeed physically tiring but it also has negative effects on your mind. The best way to beat this is by taking jobs that are near your place. Or perhaps, you can move to a new house that’s near your preferred job. This applies to people who are chasing important career choices. If this job opportunity comes only once in a lifetime, then be with it. You can even talk to a trusted realtor and purchase a house if you know that your job is stable. Avoid the stress of commuting by living near your workplace.

Make new friends


Jobs are often hard so you have to have some people who can console you during hard times at work. Having good friends at work can help alleviate the stress you may feel while starting your new job. Go ahead and talk to the people you can most relate with. Some colleagues that are your age would be a good choice.

You can also be friends with people who are older than you. This can make you gain knowledge from their experiences. If you’re not that sociable, you can choose one person to have lunch with. Or befriend your boss to make it easier for you to deal with them. There’s a lot of people you can be friends with at your new workplace. Don’t waste the opportunity of camaraderie.


Positive affirmation in the workplace can boost an employee’s confidence. It’s like giving intangible rewards for doing your best. On the other hand, a lack of positive affirmations at work may lead to employees feeling discouraged. If you think your workplace isn’t fond of giving compliments to their employees, do it by yourself. If there’s one thing you can help yourself with, it’s keeping your spirit uplifted. Celebrate every success if you think you’re doing your best to keep up with the company’s demands. This can encourage you to always strive for the best at work.

Savor your adjustment time

If your company is giving you time to adjust to your new job, enjoy it. A new work environment can be a little stressful. Not to mention all the new things you have to learn if you’re not familiar with the processes. Your adjustment period is given for you to loosen up a bit. Take advantage of this so you’ll be ready when it’s time for you to officially start your job.

Job is important but your mental health is essential too. Taking care of your mental health can even enhance your performance at work. Giving equal importance to both your job and your mental health is the best thing you can do for your career.

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