A Solid Choice: Why You Should Get A Metal Fence

Metal fence

A fence allows you to set boundaries to your property, as well as provide security and privacy to your home and the property enclosed within the fences. Just as important as choosing your fence’s design is deciding the right material for your fence, and more and more homeowners are partial towards metal fences. So let’s take a look why you, too, should consider having a metal fence for your home:

Durable and Resistant

Unlike vinyl, wood, and other fencing materials, metal fences are perhaps the most durable and longer-lasting material for you to choose. Metal can stay pristine and can handle impact, weather, and heat. Metal fences won’t warp or rot due to moisture, nor is it susceptible to insect damage compared to wood.

Deter Crime

Depending on its design, metal fences can actually help deter crime and discourage burglars and other criminals from entering your home. You can design your metal fences to be as tall as you want, and with pointed or narrow points that would make it difficult to climb over. Metal fences can be designed with pointed barbs that look elegant but can still provide your home with security.

Low Maintenance

Perhaps one of the best reasons to get metal fences is that it requires no or little maintenance depending on the type of metal you’d use, either iron, stainless steel, or some other metal. You can paint over your metal fence in order to customize it and protect it from rusting, but some metal fences are resistant to rust and corrosion and don’t require to be painted or repainted.

Economic and Eco-Friendly

Metal may initially be more costly than other fencing materials, but since it requires less maintenance and lasts relatively longer without having to replace it every couple of years, it is arguably the most cost-effective fencing material option. Additionally, metal fences can be made of recycled metal, and if you ever opt to make changes or renovations, you can easily recycle your metal fence.

Gardener’s Friend

Metal fences can go really well with gardens and other plants. In fact, you can “marry” your fence and your garden by planting creeping vines that can cling to and adorn your metal fences.

Customizability and Versatility

Metal fences can easily be bent, formed, and customized to any shape and design you prefer. You can also use a metal sheet as fencing panels, and carve them with patterns to have an aesthetically pleasing, secure, and durable fence (and gate). You have the option to purchase pre-fabricated metal fences or panels or find a metalworking shop or business that offers laser cutting service near your Salt Lake City home to cut the patterns you desire.


Installing Metal Fence

A fence has to be sturdy and provide your home with a level of security as well as aesthetic appeal, which is why metal could be the best fencing material for you. Not only is it stylish and easily customizable to fit any home design or aesthetic, but it’s quite strong and requires minimal maintenance. So the next time you’re planning on renovating your fence, or considering adding one to your property, know that you can’t go wrong with a metal fence (and gate).

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