A List of Tiles That Will Add Glamour to Your Bathroom

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If it’s time to remodel your bathroom, don’t just pick any tile you see in your local hardware store. Instead, do some research online and check out the top trending tiles in bathroom designs for 2019, and you’re sure to be delighted in what you’ll see.

Also, if you’re going to buy some tiles, don’t forget to get a good floor tile levelling system so that you’ll have an easier time adjusting or fixing your tiles if in case you make a mistake installing them.

Graphic tiles

One of the tiles that are making waves right now is those with graphic patterns. They’re soothing to the eyes, and you can play around with the designs. You can be as creative as you can by choosing which design would best suit your bathroom walls and floors.

Neutral tiles

If you want a look that’s more subtle than the one above, then perhaps you might want to check out tiles with neutral colours. You can check out grey and beige tiles to install in your bathroom walls. They’re soft in the eyes and exude a calming effect, which is perfect for someone who had a busy day at the office.

Matte tiles

If you’re looking for something subtle and much more elegant, matte tiles may be your cup of tea. These tiles are not just beautiful to look at, but they’re also easier to clean compared to glossy tiles.

Matte tiles don’t show smudges and watermarks, so even if you’ve used your bathroom several times this week, you’ll see that it still looks spotless. The only downside to matte tiles is that they don’t reflect light easily. So if you don’t have enough lighting in your bathroom, it will look a little dark.

Wooden plank tiles

wood tile planks being cemented

If you’re looking for a natural look, then you might want to check out wooden plank tiles. These tiles really look like wooden planks, which can make your bathroom exude that back-to-basics kind of look.

Metallic tiles

But if you’re into something much more exciting and out of the ordinary, check out metallic finishes. These tiles can be shiny and perfect for individuals who like a little pizzazz in their houses.

You can get metallic tiles in bronze or silver. If you really want to go the distance and you believe that with your knack for designing you can pull it off, why don’t you opt for golden metallic tiles?

Lunar marble tiles

Marble tiles are still the go-to tile for people who want a traditional-looking bathroom. Add some style to yours by purchasing lunar marble tiles instead of the common ones you find in other bathrooms.

Large pattern tiles

You can also check out tiles with big pattern designs. Most bathrooms have regular sized tiles so why not try something different by installing tiles with large patterns? Large patterns mean it’s easier to see the designs. Therefore, if the designs are beautiful, you’ll spend more time admiring your bathroom tiles while you’re showering or taking a bath.

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