A Guide to Choosing a Jeweler

Jeweler examining a diamond

Jewelry is one precious gift you can give to your loved one. Since it involves a considerable amount of money, purchasing fine jewelry is like investing for a lifetime. Because of that, you need to be very careful when scouting for a jeweler. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a jeweler in Utah:

Choose an established jeweler

Choose a jeweler who has been in the business for years. Research the jeweler’s reputation, and ask people who have done business with him or her. Satisfied clients will give good reviews and kind words to an established jeweler.

Credentials are of prime importance

Look into the jeweler’s qualifications and background. Are the employees knowledgeable on gems and other precious stones? Can they answer all your questions about the jewelry and its proper care and maintenance? Is there an in-house gemologist who can likewise give you additional information about the jewelry?

Ask for the jeweler’s certifications

Look into the jeweler’s certification issued by respected independent gem laboratories. Such a document will prove that the stones are natural. The certificate also states the quality of the gem, color, carat and whatever treatment is done on it. Concerning that, you should also see the stamp that indicates the metal content of the gem.

Inquire about the jeweler’s warranty and return policy

Ask if the jeweler can deliver the piece in the timeframe you need it. Don’t forget to inquire about their return policy just in case you’re not satisfied with the finished product.

Consider the services offered

When choosing a jeweler, consider the services they provide for the jewelry. Annual inspection, routine and general maintenance, appraisal, and repairs are the services most commonly offered by jewelers. Some jewelers can also provide custom-made pieces. However, make sure to ask where you can avail of these services: in their shop or at a different site or branch?

Choose between an independent jeweler and a mall store

Male jeweler in a storeIndependent jewelers are more experienced and knowledgeable about different gems. They have more unique pieces and can provide detailed information about the gems’ origin. On the other hand, mall stores are affiliated with large chains, so their collections are priced much lower. They also provide faster routine maintenance at any branch near your place.

Consider the selection offered

Choose the jeweler that offers a wide array of styles that you can choose from. The different styles will give you an idea of what you want in a piece. The various designs can help you decide on the right piece that suits your style and budget.

Choose someone whom you can trust

Choose someone who listens and considers your preference. Someone who suggests but doesn’t insist are good traits of a jeweler that you can trust. By gut feel, choose the jeweler which you think can deliver what you want. There are notable ones in Utah who can help you. Feel free to drop by their shops for assistance.

To find the right jewelry for a loved one, you need to find the right jeweler first. Choose the jeweler that is experienced, knowledgeable, and trusted in the industry.

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