A Fenced Pool is an Excellent Pool

Pool Fence

Pool Fence Nothing breaks the spirit of fun faster than a cry for help. In America, the swimming pool is everybody’s favorite place to have fun and adventure, but it can also put your family members at risks. Unfortunately, many who forgot how dangerous a pool remember too late when someone close has already been put to risks of drowning.

Danger in the Waters

By the looks of it, a pool is one inviting temptation that’s just too hard to resist. And truly, when the party’s around that cool body of still waters, it seems all the laughter and excitement is unleashed.

But a little reminder from YMCA should put things in perspective. It does not take a pool of water to drown; a bucket can do the job as neatly. Fact is, any amount of water that covers the mouth and nose is enough to send you unconscious.

Worse, in the span of two minutes when you could be answering the phone, a child could lose consciousness – fighting for his life.

Sadly, children too young to fend for themselves are the ones severely affected. CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has it that most drownings in children ages 1 to 4 occur in the home swimming pool. Further, there are more children from this age bracket who died of drowning than any other cause – sans birth defects.

Curtailing Access

Ordering a pool fence could be the best decision you can make in preventing pool accidents. CDC identifies four-sided fencing as one of the best ways to minimize children drowning in pools. GreatFence.com recommends aluminum because it’s strong and lightweight.

What makes a pool fence so effective is that it discourages toddlers from accidentally entering the body of water without adult supervision.

Pool fences are easy to install. Further, since most are made of aluminum you are assured your fence won’t be outlived by the swimming pool itself.

Also, employing life jackets and teaching your child swimming lessons is handy.

When you are bent on keeping it as safe as possible, you would have made your swimming pool the best in the land.

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