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When potential patients type their dental issues into Google, they are in problem solving mode. This means that you need to have the solution they are looking for. By creating a website that is attractive, informative and educational, talking about what you can offer the patient, and the overall patient experience, you will create a sense of reassurance and confidence within your reader that you can help with their dental issues.

Most dental practices have dental websites in place and it is important that you find out what people are looking for in your area to make sure your website is successful and stands out from the crowd.

Techniques for a successful website

If you speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team, they will create a bespoke, appealing and functional website for your dental practice. Using specialised software to find out which dental terms are searched for most frequently in your area, they can tailor your website and the content they create to include these terms repeatedly and strategically. This can help reassure the potential patient that you have the answers they are looking for.

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By addressing all aspects of your practice, explaining the treatments and procedures that you offer in a positive and user-friendly manner and including pictures and videos of your team smiling happily and confidently, you will be able to attract and retain the attention of potential patients so that they do not have to browse your competitors websites to find out what else is on offer.

Videos are an effective form of retaining the attention of your patients and also good for search engine optimisation (SEO) because Google monitors how long people spend on your website. If a visitor spends less than 5 seconds on your website then Google assumes that you do not have the answers and are a poor search result, so it will push you down the search results list. If you have a compelling video on your homepage then it is most likely that the visitor will want to watch the video and find out what you have to say. This means they will spend a longer time on your page and this will help boost your SEO.

It is important to make sure that your website is accessible from all devices including desktops, laptops and particularly mobile phones because the majority of Google searches are carried out on mobile phones. People may search for their dental issues whilst they are on their way home from work or before they go to bed at night; therefore, it is important to provide a 24-hour help-line or an answering machine for them to leave their details. You can have a form on your website where they can leave their details. This way, you can contact them the next day or provide the option to join a mailing list so they can stay updated with what is happening at your dental practice until they are ready to book an appointment to visit you in person.

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