A Comprehensive Guide on Batam Island’s Food Stops

Coast of Batam Island

Coast of Batam IslandDespite being a small island, the dining selections in Batam are incredibly diverse. You can find local specialities, vegetarian restaurants, fast food and fine dining in their main town called Nagoya. WOW Getaways notes that most Batam restaurants serve seafood as it continues to be their main expertise. Its convenient location makes it easier for the livelihood of many as they can easily collect different kinds of marine species in the surrounding tropical waters.

Local Specialties

Restaurants that are Padang-style are pretty common around the island. They will display local dishes buffet-style on a table, including fried foodstuff, meats, vegetables, stir-fries, soups and curries that are paired with steamed rice. Diners can freely select from meals and only pay for what they get, which is a type of culinary ‘pick and mix’.

Their famous delicacy is ‘ayam penyet’, which literally means squashed or flattened chicken. It is chicken coated with a mixture of spices and turmeric that they fry until it is crispy and golden brown.

Seafood Restaurants

Seafood is probably one of the aspects that make this island famous. You can find seafood on all corner stalls, restaurants and street vendors offered with variety and value for money. Tourists named this island as the ultimate seafood haven, particularly because the seafood is free from preservatives and fresh beside the abundance.

The most famous seafood is king prawns, chilli crabs and the exclusive gong gong sea snails that only reside in Batam and neighbouring Bintan waters. The chef will steam them to juicy perfection and the diners just have to fish out the meat from the shell using a toothpick. They then have to dip it in sambal which is a chilli sauce made locally before finally taking a delectable bite.

Your vacation would not be complete without a taste of their culture. Visit these local food selections and feed your tummy with delectable cuisines.

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