6 Ways to Make Moving Hassle-Free

Close up of male hand packing cardboard box

Moving to a new house is both stressful and fulfilling. You have a new house and you’re moving into it, but that doesn’t make the logistics less of a hassle.

If you’ve found the best builders of new homes in Cairns or any other place and are finally getting that precious move-in date to your new house, congratulations. But first, let’s talk about the actual moving process and how you’re going to make it easier for you and your family. Here are some of the best tips to get everything done without losing your mind:

1. Take it as an opportunity to dispose of stuff

Whether you’re moving to a smaller house from a bigger one or vice versa, this process should be taken as an opportunity to declutter. Dispose of everything you don’t need anymore. Donate anything that can be of use to someone else. Doing this can help lessen the total moving boxes you’re taking to your new house and make it easier for you pack and unpack.

2. Pack as early as you can

Don’t underestimate that amount of time you need to pack everything from your old house. It helps create a to-do list, so you’re on top of everything and make sure you have ample time to pack. This way, you’re completely packed by the time the moving truck arrives. No stress and no rushing. Otherwise, some things may get packed into wrong boxes and you’ll never find it again until you unpack everything.

3. Be organized

Getting settled into your new home is going to be stressful if you suddenly can’t find the things you need among the multiple unpacked moving boxes. To avoid the stress and frustration, why not employ a labeling system. Label each box with a category and if possible, list down the most important stuff inside. For example, a box can be labeled as ‘cleaning supplies’ with the contents of the box written underneath. Even if you can’t unpack immediately, you can find the items you need easily.

4. Put down boxes in their respective rooms

On a moving day, ask the movers to put down boxes in their respective rooms. That is why it helps to label them so that everyone can easily categorize the boxes. Putting your moving boxes into their respective rooms can make it easier to unpack, and it’s less overwhelming than seeing everything in the living room.

5. Get enough people to help

Movers unloading moving van

Moving day can be fun if you ask your friends to help you out. However, not everyone will be prepared to lift that massive bookcase for you. It’s also advised that you hire a couple of movers. Yes, they can be expensive, but you wouldn’t want anyone getting injured.

6. Prepare your “move last” box

The contents of a “move last” box differs with each person. Determine which items you need to be accessible during the whole process, such as toiletries, clothes, shoes, and work stuff that you need on the daily. Don’t forget to pack the things you might need, too, just in case, such as medicine, cleaning supplies, or cooking utensils.

Moving day is often full of stress and hassle, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Adhering to these tips can make moving day a smooth and easy process while saving time, too.

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