5 Health Benefits of Wearing Clogs


Medical ClogsClogs. Some people like them. Some people hate them. But there are many health benefits to wearing clogs, especially for people whose job requires them to be on their toes all the time. Here are five health benefits you can enjoy while wearing clogs.

Better Support

Clogs, especially medical clogs, are popular footwear options for nurses, and even doctors in the healthcare industry. The design offers better foot, knee, and back support compared to sneakers and other forms of footwear. This is ideal for professionals who have little time to rest their feet during busy hours, especially those who have 8 to 12-hour shifts.

Better protection from injuries. Clogs are close-toed footwear, which means people who wear them have better protection from injuries caused by falling objects, blunt force, and even from toxic chemicals. Close-toed shoes such as medical clogs protect hospital staff from bodily fluids that can spill during the job.

Less potential for slips and trips. Because clogs do not have laces or straps, the lesser the chances of tripping on shoelaces. This is an added layer of protection for people whose jobs require them to walk or run as fast as they can from one department to another.

Freedom from foot sweat. Everyone knows how uncomfortable and nasty it can be when your feet sweat. Clogs have “leather-over-cell” foam that acts as a foot cushion. This feature helps keep the feet dry by evaporating sweat. Completely dry feet help the wearer to become more comfortable during the job. It also prevents athlete’s foot.

Better foot alignment. The footbed of a well-designed medical clog allows better arch support and weight distribution. This means that the design prevents the feet from rolling and helps keep the feet to be aligned. Shoes with better arch support offer more comfort for wearers who are always on their toes.

They may not be as stylish as sneakers, but clogs offer great comfort and support for many people. Get a pair and experience for yourself why many people swear by clogs.

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