5 Good Reasons to Purchase a Used Car

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Both first-time car buyers and seasoned car owners are usually faced with an uphill task of whether to go for a used vehicle or a brand-new one. New Audi or Skoda cars often come with newer features, better technology and the latest styles. However, the cost of purchasing a new automobile is often high. Pre-owned vehicles, on the other hand, offer great values and other great perks. Here are more reasons you should opt for a second-hand car.

Less Expensive

You will save huge chunks of cash when purchasing a used vehicle. Every dollar matters in this tough economic period. Going for a new automobile can significantly stretch your finances and disrupt your overall budget. Besides, with your restricted budget for a car purchase, you are only limited to base models.

Vehicles depreciate once they leave the showroom. Within one to two years, you can get the car you lust for at a lower price. If it’s in good condition, people will even think you have purchased a new automobile.

Financing Terms and Rates

Longer terms and minimal manufacturer’s financing rate on new vehicles might look appealing. However, don’t be easily swayed. Over time, these low rates quickly add up within the financing term.

Besides, the prosperity of certified pre-owned programs (CPO) has undoubtedly evened the playing field. Nowadays, it’s easy to get low bank rates for certified second-hand vehicles. You can also enjoy bonus services like extended warranty coverage and even car inspection.

History Records

One misconception that often scares car buyers is that used cars have endured lots of road challenges and aren’t in top condition. Although this hesitation is understandable, it’s often misplaced. For instance, used Skoda cars that are for sale usually come with extensive history reports.

This report contains vital information, including the number and identity of previous owners, accidents involved, any damages, maintenance records, mileage coverage and even past registration status. Such information will guide you when choosing a car of your liking.


With enhanced technology, modern cars are made to last for long. From engines to the exterior body, these automobiles are durable. And according to many studies, the average lifespan of most cars on the road is above ten years.

So, you shouldn’t outrightly discredit a car with high mileage coverage. It might have gone the distance, but it can still offer you many years of service and save you thousands of dollars, given it’s built to last for more than a decade.

Lower Depreciation

Car keys being handed over

The depreciation rates of new vehicles are high. Experts put these depreciation figures at 20% after leaving the dealership and up to 10% within the first year of owning a car. A new car’s value drops by around 30% in the first year.

When you purely see an investment, it’s not advisable to acquire such an asset. As opposed to new automobiles, used vehicles that have clocked up to three years of service have little depreciation rates. You can resell such a car easily.

Purchasing a used Audi, BMW or Skoda car begins with identifying an ideal vehicle dealership. Such dealers offer reliable vehicles that can serve your needs for an extensive period.

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