4 Reasons Catered Chalets are Better for Traveling Groups


SkiingWhen it comes to ski holidays, there are many packages that include flights and airport transfers. But for those who are already in the country or those who want the self-drive option, they often get the packages for accommodation only ski holidays. Ski Line Limited noted that it is becoming popular, especially to travelling groups.

Many people, however, still wonder if it is better to stay at a ski hotel or rent a chalet. Here is a comparison to help you:

  1. A catered chalet is better for big groups.

If you stay at a hotel, you pay for each room. Unfortunately, they only allow a maximum number of guests in their rooms. If you are travelling with a big group, renting a catered chalet is a better option because the rent price for the entire accommodation can be divided among the group.

  1. A catered chalet is, overall, more affordable.

The per-night cost of a hotel accommodation depends on how luxurious it is. Hotel accommodations often come with free breakfast on a per-head basis. If you are travelling in big groups, renting a catered chalet means you can keep a low budget on food by preparing your own meals. If you are staying at a ski resort for a long period of time, this is the more economical choice.

  1. A catered chalet is best for people who do not like to be time-bound.

When staying at a hotel, the meals are often time-based. You have to be at the banquet room during a specific period, so you will not miss your pre-paid or post-paid meals. This can be quite stressful given the long lines at cable cars, lifts and even public transport hubs. If you like to be more flexible, consider staying at a chalet so you have more control over your schedule.

  1. A catered chalet is best for people who bring their own vehicles.

It’s best for people who like self-drive options at ski resorts. Bringing your own vehicle to a ski holiday means you do not have to deal with long lines at public transport hubs. This means you will get to the piste faster than the rest of the visitors. Having your own car is also a good option when exploring the other sites such as gardens, pubs, and restaurants that are too far if you go on foot.

If you know which type of accommodation is best for you and your group, you can make your ski holiday stress-free. It seems that catered chalets are better options for people travelling in groups. Consider renting a chalet on your next ski holiday and have the best time at the ski resort.

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