4 Quick Ways to Make Your MacBook Last Longer


MacBook from BromleyRight out of the box, the MacBook is a magnificent thing. The elaborate layers of packaging with the trapped smell of the Apple factory it came from must be experienced to be believed. But Macbooks are expensive and you will not get your money’s worth if it breaks down just a few months down the line.

Here are four easy tips to make sure your new laptop will last you a lifetime (almost!):

Charge Only When Needed

Lithium-ion technology makes up the MacBook battery. Apple made a good call using these batteries as they are the most efficient and they last the longest. To preserve battery life, draining and recharging the batteries are important.

Instead of leaving your MacBooks plugged in for the entire day, let it discharge and recharge only when needed.

Update Your Computer Regularly

The people at Apple are working hard to make your system better. These software updates do not just give your computers new functionality, they also make MacBooks less vulnerable to the rare viruses and security issues that plague Macs.

Try doing it at night so you do not get requests for restarts during work hours.

Be Careful About What You Plug into Your Mac

From an officemate’s charger to a borrowed flash drive, be wary about what you plug into your Mac. Apple-certified engineers at EssentiallyMac Ltd. suggest using only accessories that come from a reputable source.

If you are in doubt, asking someone who knows what works is the best (and safest) way to go.

Get Covered

We are not talking about Apple Insurance, but that is good, too! A close-fitting case will keep the actual MacBook surface from being scratched. If you want to keep the svelte form factor, you can get a sleeve instead.

Sleeves hug your MacBooks tightly when not in use. While you carry the device around in your purse, car keys will not scratch or damage the precious surface or any of the ports.

Owning a MacBook, whether you are a long-time Apple fan or a new one, is an exciting thing. To make sure your device lives up to its promise, it is smart to keep these simple tips in mind.

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