4 Company Functions You Can Outsource

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Outsourcing is beneficial to your company in many ways. Modern companies, especially startups, have started to adopt this business model. It is a very efficient way to save cost and focus on your core functions. Here are some essential functions that you can outsource in your business and save time and money:


The best option for most businesses when it comes to outsourcing is marketing. Yes, a business indeed needs to build a brand. However, it is not necessary that this happens in-house. A specialist marketing company can do this job much better for you as they can hire the best professionals who specialize in the field. You can also take advantage of a third-party marketing company’s analytical facilities, such as big data. They can tell you using their analytical tool about how to market your product best. If you outsource your SEO services, the company will be able to tell you which keywords to use to boost your reach.


There are a number of ways and stages in which you can also outsource your IT functions. You can do this by hiring a company to build your website and manage all your IT products. You can simply hire a company or call center to handle your customer complaints and server issues. Other tasks that you can outsource are security infrastructure maintenance, data center services, and network maintenance. If your company requires the development of the software or needs integrations for some of the software it uses, you can hire consultants to build these integrations for you.


The benefits of outsourcing in terms of hiring and other HR tasks are immense. You can hire an outside recruiter and save much of the cost and time it takes to hire a new employee. A specialist recruiter will know which employers are most up-to-date with the world skills. You can look at their success rates and turnover rates to see whether you are likely to return the employee. Professional recruiters also have extensive metrics that they can use to find the best workers for you from a global market. They rely on a well-built professional network, spanning top universities and firms, which enhances their candidate pool.

Financial Analysis

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Your company can outsource some of the bookkeeping tasks and reduce costs by not having to hire a full-time employee for seasonal tasks. Your company can hire a firm on a contractual basis to help with tax documents, accounts payable and receivable, and other purely financial analytics. Your company can make do with a few core staff or oversee a contractual team. You can even hire consultants to help you find loans or carry out risk analysis for your business. These consultants can also help you make the best investment decisions with your profits.

There are a number of ways companies can take advantage of outsourcing. But it is important to remember that outsourcing is not simply about hiring contractors and doling out responsibilities. At the end of the day, this is still an act of team building and requires strong leadership from upper management.

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