4 Actionable Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets

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No matter how expensive your kitchen cabinet is, it is still prone to heat damage. That’s why it’s essential to know how you can protect your ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets against constant exposure to steam and heat. But where do you start?

Have proper ventilation

One way of protecting your kitchen cabinets from constant exposure to heat and steam is by having proper ventilation. You may want to have a proper range hood to do the trick. All you need to do is to regularly maintain the filters to help regulate the steam and heat coming from the cooker.

Keep the finish protected

Always keep it dry by keeping rags and towels away from the wood surfaces. You may also want to use a soft rag and soak it in a mild soap to clean the surface. Refrain from using any abrasive products, which could damage its surface.

Clean your kitchen

Always clean the kitchen cabinets from any spills when you prepare your meal. Choose a cleaner that can help remove the grease and the grime coming from the food without damaging the cabinet. Ensure that there aren’t any spills left on your cabinet to prevent any mold or mildew from forming.

Consider having heat shields

Heat shields made to protect your cabinet are essential to keep it protected when you prepare your meal. There are various heat shields that you can choose from in the market today depending on your needs and your budget.

These are just a few things that you might want to consider to protect your cabinets from heat damage. It’s always important to regularly clean them to prevent any stains or mold from forming.

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