3 Ways Corporate Merchandise Help You Gain More Customers


Corporate FreebiesCustom corporate merchandise has been around for several years. These days, companies can choose to go beyond the traditional branded pens and mugs and go for higher quality corporate gifts such as wine glasses, USB, and other techie gadgets. Apart from the “free” factor, why are they continuously popular? Here are some reasons and benefits your company can enjoy through these freebies.

1. They are useful marketing tools.

Corporate gifts bear the company’s logo, and whenever people use them, such as pens and mugs, they are reminded of the brand over and over again. This is a simple but effective offline lead generation tactic similar to a “spray and pray” campaign that many teams conduct. Imagine casting a very broad net using corporate pens for instance. If you produce and give away 1,000 pieces, you’re likely to generate a lead from the pool.

2. They are cheaper forms of advertising.

Branded custom merchandise advertise your company. Naturally, the budget you spend on 1,000 pieces of branded pens or mugs is smaller than getting a billboard for a month. These freebies have the same chances of generating leads an advertisement on a major weekly or magazine. People see them and remember your brand every time they use it.

3. They inspire brand loyalty.

When people are given free items, they feel obligated to buy or do more for the brand. In a 2005 study, findings show that people can feel obligated to return a favour even when no request has been made to do such. This return favour could come in the form of referrals or spend more. It also invokes the feeling of loyalty, which improves customer satisfaction and experience.

Bring On The Freebies!

Corporate giveaways are not limited to special occasions like Christmas or the company’s anniversary. During slow sales months, you can allot a portion of your marketing budget to produce corporate merchandise to help generate more leads.

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