3 Trends to Guide Your Home Improvement Projects This Year


Home Improvement Project in WellingtonIt’s officially 2016. Now is the perfect time to make some simple improvements to your home. This way, you can welcome the New Year with a home that’s more clean and beautiful. There are countless of things you can do to your home, but incorporating some trends will definitely increase your home’s value and appeal. Here are some trends to inspire you with your projects.

New Year, New Colours

Every year, some interior designers and décor experts declare certain colours that will reflect the overall mood of the year. These colours often become trendy in interior design and fashion. For 2016, the colours are Serenity (periwinkle blue) and Rose Quartz (pale pink). While these may not be preferred by all homeowners, they are definitely perfect for the bedroom and living room. If you need a repaint anytime soon, call your trusted Wellington painters, such as Capital Decorators Ltd, and request for these colours.

Open and Spacious Layouts

The trend of open layouts will continue this year, with the kitchen being the primary anchor for such floor plans. This doesn’t require you to buy additional area, but allows you to maximise the area you already have. How? By safely opening the walls up, coming up with better and bigger common living areas, and creating more functional design layouts, you can get more out of every square footage of your home.

New and Innovative Appliances

Another trend this year is updating the appliances in your home that are already three years and older. Not only will this bring your whole family more entertainment and convenience, but it will also add value to your home. Some of these appliances include high-capacity washing machine, fast dishwasher, energy-efficient refrigerator, and flat-screen TV with Internet connection, 3D option, and HD display.

These trends are not just hot now but are also valuable and functional in the long run. Discuss them with your family and decide which home improvement projects you need this year.

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