3 Purposes of LTL Flatbed Trucking


Flatbed TruckLTL or Less-than-Truck-Load Trucking is a service offered by a lot of logistics companies. What this means is basically transporting goods or items that do not consume the full space of a container or delivery truck. It can transport things of different shapes and sizes from crates to drums up to a total weight of 20,000 pounds. For people who deal with these things, LTL can prove to be advantageous on certain aspects. 

Using this service can apply for different services and here are some.

Residential Purposes

Flatbed LTL trucking services are useful for people or families who plan to move out to another location. Transporting all your household items will definitely not fit in a family van. A common logistics solution is to use a flatbed truck to transport large items and furniture like dinner tables, sofas, and refrigerators. There is also the possibility of just doing a single haul because of the size of the truck versus taking several trips with a smaller vehicle.

Industrial Purposes

Obviously, flatbed LTL services are most commonly seen in transporting industrial materials. Using a flatbed truck can be beneficial in transporting raw materials. With the assistance of a forklift, items can easily be stacked and organized neatly within the given space.

Commercial Purposes

LTL trucking solutions also work well for commercial services and businesses. Some business equipment and machines are very large and may not be easily transported safely to the office. Large format printers or steel-forged kitchen equipment need to be transported through a sturdy and spacious container which flatbed trucks can safely carry.

So whether you own a business, moving to a new home, or running a factory, LTL trucking can prove to be a viable logistics solution. Just make sure to follow the guidelines of logistics companies, check the costs of their LTL services, and don’t forget to pack your items properly!

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