3 Freezer Problems Common in Homes

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Most people depend on freezers to keep food safe and cold. Freezers are essential for most homes and commercial places because they keep food cold and for a longer time than refrigerators. As such, they operate for quite some time nonstop. Consequently, freezers are more exposed to problems than other home appliances.

Just like other home appliances, freezers require proper handling and frequent repairs to keep them functional. Faulty freezers can result in significant problems in your home, which reduces the supply of ice and the capability of storing your food. However, since not every issue ends with a trip to an appliance repair shop, you need to know the freezer problems that you should never ignore. It is smart to know when to call an appliance repair technician to inspect and fix your freezer.

It is not running

A freezer that does not run is useless. You should first check to confirm that it is plugged into a functional power outlet, if the power is switched on, and if it has a power switch. Additionally, make sure that the power cord to the freezer is not damaged, and get rid of an extension cord if you are using it. You should call for an appliance repair in Bountiful to inspect and repair the freezer if these measures fail to work.

It does not cool up

One of the primary causes of freezers that fail to cool is dirty condenser coils. Ideally, the coils ought to be cleaned after every six months to avoid the accumulation of dirt, dust, and lint. Dirt affects the ability of coils to radiate heat out of your unit, which eventually increases the temperature within your freezer and decreases the cooling effect. Additionally, a freezer that does not cool could suggest a failure of an evaporator fan motor. It could also be a result of several other reasons, which is why you should not hesitate to call a repair technician to repair your freezer as soon as you realize that it no longer cools your food.

It makes strange noises

someone opening the freezer

Most people have experienced this freezer problem at some point. If your freezer suddenly starts making some strange noises, then you need to replace the evaporator fan motor. However, a freezer makes different odd noises when the evaporator fan motor fails or when any other component is faulty. The best thing to do is to hire an expert to inspect and diagnose the problem when you hear strange noises from the ice maker, gurgling sounds as water drains off during a defrost cycle, and sizzling noises when the unit is going through a defrost cycle.

Freezers can have several other problems, but these are some of the most common repairs. You need to watch out for anything unusual with your freezer so that you can take action as soon as possible. You should not hesitate to dial an appliance professional as soon as you realize these problems with your freezer to avoid further damage that may result in costly repairs or replacement.

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