You Jump, I Jump… on the Trampoline


TrampolineJumping on a trampoline may look funny and something that only kids will do. Older adults will even hesitate to do it for fun, as it may seem harmful to their fragile bones. But, in contrast to how it appears, rebounding exercises are actually beneficial for people in different age groups.

According to Best American Trampolines, rebounding exercises are low impact workouts for joints. Even your grandma can shift to flipping on the trampoline if she gets bored of her typical activities.

The good thing is, it’s becoming accessible. The once sport of elite athletes can now be yours, too.  You can purchase your own trampoline, set it up at your backyard, and then jump on it anytime.

Jump for All Ages

As trampolines become popular, they get acknowledged as a tool for workout. Most of the time, however, houses have trampolines only because the kids requested it. Other members of the family barely try it, as it seems childish.

But, in fact, it is a workout that your family can do together. It is a good exercise for small kids and adults. It also absorbs 80 percent of the shock while rebounding, sparing a senior from joint pressure.

For kids and adults, it strengthens the bones by reinforcing them through the harmless stress while rebounding. The stress it gives encourages the increase of bone density. This makes them less prone to skeletal diseases and bone injuries.

As an exercise, it helps not just the glutes, calves, and quad muscles. It strengthens the core as you try to balance yourself, too.

More than Bones and Muscles

In addition to physical benefits, it also supports the brain. Some children who are good in physical sports have the tendency to learn other sports quicker. This is because they already have good brain and body coordination. Consistent workout forces the brain to understand the body better.

It may sound strange, but rebounding can even aid leaking problems among women who gave birth. The consistent jumping and landing requires the pelvic floor muscles to contract, helping the parts rebuild properly.

There is a lot more you can gain from simply working out on a trampoline. The discussion can range from improving your immune system to making you smarter. It is so beneficial that you can literally jump for joy with your family and friends.

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