You and Your Glasses: Make the Relationship Work


Optometrist handing eyeglassesThe eyes are important in everyday life. You need them to see people, things, and places. Plenty of tasks require attention to detail, and without your eyes, you will not be able to see those details. Blindness, however, is not the only problem with the eyes.

Cataracts, glaucoma, and even poor eyesight are a growing concern for many. Have you reached that point where your eye doctor suggested prescription glasses? Don’t hate the idea; instead, use your eyeglasses as part of your style.

Choosing a Suitable Frame

When you get your eyeglasses fitted from clinics such as Stoney Creek Eye Care, your eye doctor in Hamilton, Canada will check your eyesight and give you frame options. Frames can be expensive depending on the brand, so choose carefully.

You want a frame style that complements your face so that you will not feel as if the glasses make you look bad.

Caring for the Lenses

A common concern when you’re wearing glasses is they always get dirty. That cannot be helped, as you do all sorts of activities while wearing them. Keep a piece of microfiber cloth to clean your glasses instead of wiping them off with just anything you have on hand.

Lenses are not easy to scratch, but you should still be careful with them. Once you scratch the lens, you’ll feel uncomfortable wearing glasses because the scratch obstructs your view. Besides, you wouldn’t feel confident when you have scratched lenses, would you?

Matching Your Glasses and Your Style

There are makeup looks that are especially suited for those who are wearing glasses. If you think you don’t have to wear makeup because the lenses hide your eyes, think again. This is not an excuse to stop caring about how you look.

Glasses can make you look smart, but you still have to put in some effort into your appearance.

Wearing glasses marks a significant time in your life. Care for them properly and watch what you wear for an overall look that builds confidence.

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