Why Visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Barnsley?

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Say cosmetic dentistry and everyone has an opinion about what that means. Phrases like, ‘Hollywood smiles’, ‘only for the wealthy’, or ‘why spend more time at the dentist?!’ may come out in the conversation.

While it’s true that 30 years ago only royals, celebrities and the super-rich could afford cosmetic dentistry, and only those in cities could find it, advances in dental technology since then have made it much more widely available, and affordable. And it doesn’t have to mean hours and days with the Barnsley cosmetic dentist, such as those at PDC Dental.

In these image-conscious times, when everything from breakfast to bedtime is documented on social media, more and more people are looking for ways to look and feel good more of the time. In terms of investing in appearance, cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to cost any more than a wardrobe makeover, is much longer-lasting and is visible every moment of every day. Investing in a happy smile can also help to ease social interactions and remove self-conscious feelings about smiling or laughing.

What’s on offer?

One quick and easy treatment is teeth whitening. This is the UK’s most popular cosmetic dental treatment and it’s easy to see why: it can improve the smile in as little as an hour. Treatment can either be done in-clinic or at home. For both treatments, the cosmetic dentist in Barnsley will create custom-made trays for applying the whitening gel. In-clinic, they will ask the patient to wear the trays over their teeth and gums, apply the gel and shine a UV light on the teeth. The patient can then sit back and relax for about an hour while the gel takes effect.

This treatment can also be done at home over two weeks, with a lower strength gel. Using the bespoke whitening trays, the patient applies the gel for a short period each day.

Either way, it gives a quick, easy and affordable boost to the smile.

A note of caution

Off-the-shelf whitening kits may seem appealingly low priced, but the trays supplied are mass produced and so will not fit all teeth and gums. Using trays like these can result in whitening gel leaking onto the gums, causing irritation.

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