Types of Drug Tests

Drug Test Types

Drug testing is a way to determine if a person is using a particular substance. It is an effective method to evaluate the types and amounts of legal and illegal drugs a person took.

Here are the many types of drug tests according to information from the USADA, DEA, and UrineTheClear:

Drug Test Types


This is the most common and least expensive of all test methods. Many consider it as an intrusive procedure, but you could do it at home. In some instances, you could test positive even though you did not take a substance, which is why some buy drug-free human urine to ensure accurate results.


Saliva tests are becoming more popular due to its unintrusive nature, although it is a little pricier than urine testing. It’s easy to administer, but it requires lab processing to ensure the outcome’s accuracy.


Hair testing is pricier than urine tests, and many still question the effectiveness of this technique.


Blood testing is the closest thing to ensuring complete accuracy. You would have to shell out some cash for this, though, as it’s the priciest method.

Employees have to go through drug testing to make sure that they aren’t taking any illegal substance. There are many ways to determine this, and knowing the options you have is important to ensure the most correct results.

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