A real solution for tooth alignment with Invisalign in Sheffield

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Misaligned teeth are one of the most common dental complaints suffered by the adult population of the UK, and this can lead to further complications with someone’s oral health and hygiene. There is no need for any adult in the UK to continue living with crooked or protruding teeth, as there are new treatment options available within the dental marketplace, many of which are designed to treat adults.

For potential patients living in Yorkshire, there are discreet options available such as Invisalign in Sheffield, a modern, clear tooth alignment solution made from state-of-the-art materials. This is a solution that is proving to be popular amongst adults who are looking for beautiful, even teeth, many who have received this treatment option report being completely satisfied with the results.

Understanding the reasons for not receiving treatment early in life

Many potential patients, for whom this treatment may be suitable, could have been offered teeth straightening earlier in life and have taken the decision not to wear braces for very personal reasons. This may leave them with the false belief that the window of opportunity to receive treatment may have passed them by. This is simply not the case, as modern options have made available tooth alignment solutions aimed at adults.

A major reason some potential patients may have decided not to receive treatment earlier in life is the way the brace would have looked once placed in the mouth, as many of these potential patients would have been offered the traditional wire and metal braces. While these braces are a perfectly effective treatment solution, the idea of the way they will look while in the mouth creates an unpleasant image in the minds of some people.

The period these metal and wire braces are normally offered to those who may benefit from tooth alignment treatment is during teenage years. This is a time in life when many people feel sensitive, confused and potentially vulnerable. This may lead to some refusing necessary treatments aimed at enhancing the aesthetics and health of their smile. The teenage years are a time when many people want to avoid standing out from a crowd, that way they can avoid the risk of being singled out by others, many feel that wire and metal braces will attract negative attention.

clear braces

A modern treatment that is discreet

Using Invisalign the potential patient has access to a tooth alignment treatment that is discreet, allowing them to receive what may be a long-needed treatment in a way that others around them will not be able to notice. Once in place, these aligners are practically invisible to the human eye.

Developed in the 1990s, these aligners represent a complete rethink about tooth alignment treatment, creating a teeth straightening device for the modern world. The reason these aligners are hard for others to notice is the materials they are made from, two pieces of hard-wearing, clear plastic are moulded together to create a see-through aligner that fits over the teeth to sit comfortably in place.

A full treatment course requires a series of aligners, each playing its role in the alignment process.

The next step

For those looking for tooth alignment treatment, it is recommended that they research their options fully, this will allow them to be fully informed about potential treatment choices. They should also talk to a dental professional to gain access to accurate advice.

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